Choose life. Choose fabric.

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#WorthOfSewing And Mental Wellbeing

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Totes Amazeballs

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Looking back on 2018

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2019 #MakeNine

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2018 Make Nine – The Review!

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2018 Winners and Losers

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Jean Genie

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I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger …

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Escape To The Countryside

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New designs have now landed in the Wanderstitch Studio store!

Blue Batik book sleeve
Pin Up book sleeve
Spotty book sleeve
Unicorn book sleeve
Sushi Cat book sleeve
Galaxy Book Sleeve
Cat in the Hat sleeve
Dinosaurs book sleeve
Periodic Table Book Sleeve
Ghosts Book Sleeve
Sushi Book Sleeve
Lucky Cat Book Sleeve
Galaxy Cat Book Sleeve
Batik Book Sleeve
LOTR Book Sleeve
Care Bears Book Sleeve
Jaws Book Sleeve
Rainbows Book Sleeve
Alice In Wonderland Book Sleeve
Cat in the Hat book sleeve
Lollipop Book Sleeve
Hufflepuff Book Sleeve
Slytherin Book Sleeve
Ravenclaw Book Sleeve
Gryffindor Book Sleeve