Me Made May – The Findings!

And just like that, May is gone.

Disappeared in a blur, behind us.

giphy 190

I feel like every five minutes I’m saying that another month has gone past – I’m not sure how I feel about it. At my next birthday, in October, I’m gonna be 35. Thirty-five, guys. I don’t know how I reached this point – in my head, I’m still about eighteen. I still use the words ‘obvs’ and ‘soz’. My friends are either under twenty-five, or over fifty because most people my age are popping out babies and talking about mortgages, nappies, and the costs of nursery. I have zero interest in any of those things – they are all way too grown up and sensible for me – so my friends by default are either the people that are too young to have scream-and-poo-fests of their own yet, or whose offspring have successfully turned into adults and are now standing on their own two feet. As soon as someone starts talking about anything child related, I switch off. Immediately. (Dog-children and cat-children excepted – I’m totally down for talking about your non-human children ?)

my married friends 04 2

So the years keep on keepin’ on, but I don’t feel any older. The pink hair probably helps. The girl I sit next to at work, in my real life job, (which I am every day trying to think of how I can get out of, and create for a living instead) is sixteen. SIXTEEN. I’m literally old enough to be her mother ? Ah well ??‍♀️

So at the grand old age of 34, I participated in Me Made May for the first time. Not really sure how I feel about the whole experience. Was it fun? Not particularly. But I wasn’t in it for the fun, I was in it to see what I wore for that month, which pieces and styles I reach for most, and what gets passed over (and why). A bit of analysis, if you will ? Because I’m nerdy like that ?

I very quickly realised that I wear pretty much the same outfits on repeat, but here’s my day-by-day summary of the garments that graced my body last month:

(photos mostly taken in the toilets at work, because it’s the best mirror that I have access to ??‍♀️)

img 8349

Wednesday 1st May

Kielo dress (not yet blogged!) and bomber jacket worn to work because it was freezing. Handmade gym bag also carried.

Happiness rating: 10/10

The Kielo dress is suuuuuuper comfy, and fits well. The jacket is a very new make and I’m currently loving it. Although it’s a bit tight (it’s a very wearable toile) it’s scuba so has some give. The ‘real’ jackets will be made with woven fabrics so am gonna size up a LOT for these.

Thursday 2nd May

ASOS acid wash Mom jeans with Liberty silk Vogue/DKNY me-made shirt (blogged here)

Happiness rating: 6/10

Love these jeans, don’t love the me-made shirt. The shirt was my first attempt at a silk skirt, and I used too-thick interfacing on the cuffs and collar (I now use silk organza for interfacing silk shirts so have learned my lesson). I sewed the shirt with a hidden placket, and I hate it – it never lays flat so I had to anchor it down in a couple of places. The shirt is also SUPER tight across the high bust, which not only makes it uncomfortable to wear – because my arm movement is restricted – but it pulls on the placket and armscye stitching and the seams have given a little bit ? I also made this shirt before I had my buttonhole gauge, so I followed the button placement that came with the pattern, and they are REALLY spaced out (as in ‘far apart’ – not as in ‘on drugs’ ?). Couple that with the tightness across the bust, and it resulted in me having to sew tiny lingerie poppers in between some of buttons at chest height, otherwise there’s legit potential for boob-flash ?

The collar is also uncomfortable to do up right to the top, so I have to have the top button undone, which isn’t the look I prefer. I absolutely LOVE the fabric that this shirt is made from, but I don’t wear it that often. Perhaps it’s time to salvage the fabric and create something else with it… ?

Friday 3rd May

Day out to Bicester shopping centre (first time we’ve ever been, and although I got what I went for, I was a little bit underwhelmed). Comfy stretch RTW jeans, RTW shirt. Me made bomber jacket (the same one as worn on Wednesday).

Happiness rating: 8/10

Jeans are comfy, T-shirt comfy, jacket looks cool, fits okay, but a little tight. And perhaps a touch on the short side. I might make the next versions a bit longer.

Monday 6th May

Bank holiday, didn’t do anything so stayed at home in my (store bought) sweatpants.

Happiness rating: 10/10.

img 8370

Tuesday 7th May

Kielo dress in leopard print.

Happiness rating 10/10

My FAVE Kielo dress, despite the dodgy lining technique which causes ripples near the bottom. Super comfy, I just love it! Blogged here if ya missed it.

Wednesday 8th May

Mom jeans (ASOS) and JCrew cashmere jumper. It was chilly today.

Happiness rating: 9/10

I wish I could afford cashmere yarn to hand knit sweaters with – it’s sooo soft.

Thursday 9th May

Kielo dress (again – you’re gonna be seeing this a lot)

Happiness rating: 10/10

Thinner than my pink leopard Kielo (because there’s no lining), but still oh so comfy.

Friday 10th May

Day off work, went to see detective Pikachu in some sort of comfy clothing which I can’t remember the exact deets of ??‍♀️

img 8371

Monday 13th May

ASOS acid wash Mom jeans and silk shirt from & Other Stories.

Happiness rating: 10/10.

Love this combo. Both items fit well, and I love them. Doesn’t matter that they’re not handmade.

Tuesday 14th May

Black Jeans (ASOS) and Prada silk Scout Tee which the husbeast made for me.

Happiness rating: 8/10

Jeans are a little baggy around the waist. The t-shirt is fab – simple and easy to wear.

Wednesday 15th May:

Purple cord Dawn Jeans and Gucci silk Scout Tee

Happiness rating: 7/10

The Dawn jeans are good but a little tight through the leg (they were my first attempt, though, and I’m just happy that they are wearable!) and the Scout tee is tight around the armpit/upper back because I’ve put on weight. So the happiness factor is reduced not through any fault of the garment, but simply because I’m a fatty ?

img 8372


Thursday 16th May

Black jeans (from Calzedonia in NYC) and viscose jersey/lace tee from ASOS. Nothing handmade.

Happiness rating: 8/10

Jeans are comfy and stretchy but baggy around the waist. The top is a lovely soft jersey though.

Friday 17th May

Day at home taking delivery of my new bike (??), so sweatpants worn whilst I build it up. Can’t be getting grease on my handmades now, can I?

Happiness rating 10/10, as it always is with sweatpants ?

Monday 20th May

Stretch jeans (from Calzedonia) and Liberty lawn scout Tee. I forgot to take a picture of the clothes while I was wearing them, so all you get for this one is a creased-up flatlay ??‍♀️

Happiness rating: 8/10

Yep, it’s those jeans that are baggy around the waist again. Comfy, though.

Tuesday 21st May

Asos Mom Jeans and striped cotton T-shirt which hardly ever gets worn, but it’s getting warmer and all my summer tops are in the back of the wardrobe so I’m scraping the barrel until I can pack all the winter clothes away and get the summer ones out. Plus it’s half tucked in, half hanging out and looks a shambles, so this is defo not me looking or feeling my best.

Happiness rating: 6/10

The outfit is just a bit meh.

img 8373

Wednesday 22nd May

Asos acid wash mom jeans and zebra Scout Tee (blogged here)

Happiness rating: 9/10

These jeans are my current fave (in case you hadn’t picked up on that already) and you just can’t go wrong with a Scout tee.

Thursday 23rd May

Those mom jeans again (yep, I’m not ashamed to say I wore the same jeans two days in a row), plus a subtle RTW leopard print tee.

Happiness rating: 8/10

Friday 24th May

Super hot today so wore (for the first time this year!) my first woven Kielo dress – the rest are made from knit fabrics. Blogged here.

Happiness rating: 9/10

Monday 27th May

Another bank holiday and you know what that means – comfy sweats all the way.

Happiness rating by default is therefore 10/10 ?

img 8375

Tuesday 28th May

Pink mom jeans and leopard Scout tee – I’m dipping my toe into using knit fabrics for this woven pattern, and it seems to be turning out okay ?

Happiness rating: 9/10

Wednesday 29th May

RTW jeans and Mushroom Melilot (will be blogged soon!)

This could possibly be *the* shirt pattern for me – but I need to make a couple more just to be sure…

Happiness rating: 9/10

Thursday 30th May

That Kielo dress is back again ?

Happiness rating is dropping off a bit for this one as I’ve worn it a lot this month and reallllly need to make some more ?

Friday 31st May

Finishing in style by wearing zero handmades – RTW jeans and t-shirt to slob at home and then go watch Godzilla at the cinema in the evening ?


So that was May. I feel like I actually wear very few different things, and my uniform is jeans and t-shirts. The things that I actually sew least ? But at least these findings should help nudge me in the right direction with my makes.

In summary, here’s what I wore over the month:


Kielo Dress: 6 wears


Scout Tee: 5 wears

RTW T-shirt: 3 wears

RTW shirt: 2 wears

DKNY shirt: 1 wear

Melilot shirt: 1 wear

RTW sweater: 1 wear


RTW Mom jeans: 10 wears

Dawn Jeans: 1 wear


Bomber jacket: 2 wears


Sweatpants: 3 wears

Of the 23 days of outfits recorded, there were nine days that I didn’t wear anything handmade. That’s 39% of the days. Which means that for 61% of days, I’m wearing something handmade – more than half. If I look at the days I didn’t wear anything handmade, here’s what I wore:

Sweatpants/comfy stuff: 4 days

Jeans and T-shirt: 3 days

Jeans and shirt: 1 day

Jeans and jumper: 1 day

Which means that my next pair of sweats could (should?) be handmade, and I really need to start making my own jeans and T-shirt’s (espesh as I’ve complained about the fit of a lot of those RTW jeans). As for the jumpers, I don’t really have any hand-knitted items that I wear that often, and especially none that are soft and light enough to be worn next to the skin (for example the spendy cashmere).

While it’s good to find garments that work well for you, I want to avoid getting stuck in a rut and sewing the same old things. I reach for Scout Tees over shirts because if I’m honest, I just can’t be bothered to iron shirts in the morning. Tees are so low maintenance. I have started trialling T-shirt patterns now, because I wear them so often I really should start making my own – the pink leopard affair is one I made from some jersey I picked up in NYC, but I’ll confess that it’s made from the much-used Scout pattern ? I’m going to try the Rowan tee by Megan Nielsen, but I’ll probably size up because it’s a fitted tee and I prefer mine a little looser.

MN2106 V1 5 f221281f 5f18 44d9 b6fb 173c5a5d52ce

I’ll probably participate in Me Made May again next year, just to see what I’m wearing and what I’m not. Given the number of garments that I’ve made over the last couple of years, there’s only a very small percentage of them actually being worn – but I guess that’s to be expected as I work out my personal style and what I like/don’t like. I’m cool with it ?

In other news, in May we returned to cycling to work. For the first almost-three-years that I worked in London, I cycled to work. Every day. Summer and winter, rain or shine. I only drew the line and caught the train if winds were over 30mph or there was ice on the roads. Other than that, I cycled. Everyday. And I only drew the ‘wind line’ after I got blown into the barrier going over Tower Bridge one evening, and the force of me hitting the barrier not only gave me a nasty bruise but ripped a hole in my cycling top too ?

In the summer of 2017, after the husbeast had a very near miss with a bin lorry that almost flattened him, we stopped cycling. There had been too many ‘near misses’. Not long before that, I’d gone down after slipping on an oil patch going around a corner (thankfully I was the last one through the lights and there wasn’t a car behind me, or they would have probably squished me), and the husbeast had gone into a pedestrian that stepped out into the road in front of him without looking.

It still absolutely astounds me that I see SO many people step out into London roads without looking. I mean, I grew up in what I guess you’d call the countryside where there are FAR fewer cars, but you had it drilled into you from a young age that you Looked. Both. Ways. before stepping out into the road. And you checked a third time, just in case. And there was hardly anything coming anyway, but YOU STILL CHECKED. In London, people don’t even check. I honestly just want to shake people sometimes and say IF THERE’S EVER A PLACE THAT YOU SHOULD LOOK BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD IT’S HERE. IN THE CITY. You’d think it would be the country folk that don’t check before crossing, that the city dwellers would have it hardwired into them that they look before crossing – but they don’t. They will either be looking at their phone, or have massive noise-cancelling headphones on and be oblivious, or just be not looking where they are going. I guess the technological age is partly to blame. (Or is humanity just getting more stupid? The earth is over-populated, so is survival of the fittest coming in to play? ?)

giphy 191

Anywayyyy my fat ass is back on the bike. I’m about 20lbs heavier now than I was when I was last cycling, so that excess needs to go PRONTO, because it slows me down and dragging that flab up the hills is harrrrrrrd. It’s a 45 min / 10 mile journey each way, twice a day, four days a week – but its actually quicker for me than getting the train to work and I save a fair bit of money each month now that Transport for London isn’t siphoning off my salary for a space on a crowded, crappy delayed (or even cancelled ?) train. Plus I get to ride in the sunshine (for now) which makes me sooo happy, and I actually get pretty good views of the city skyline along my way. We’re apparently in one of the ‘top five views of London’ areas, and the view is literally the only thing that gets me up the hill to get home (well, that, and the thought of dinner. Mainly dinner.) ???

img 8365

That’s not my picture, because I’m usually gasping for air and on the verge of cardiac arrest by the time I reach this point (let alone being in any state to get my phone out and take photos), but the view is pretty sweet huh? ? My journey is pretty much from here, to the Shard – which is the big/tall/thin/pointy/sharp-looking building on the far left of the picture above the tree (which, funnily enough, looks like a shard ?).

For those of you that love a good altitude graph – here’s my journey home each day:

*ignore the weird bit right at the start, that’s not a real hill, that’s my GPS watch having a moment*

img 8366 1

Here’s a shot of me with my trusty steed Eleanor, taken by the husbeast on our way home last week at the top of that first ‘savage hill’ marked on the graph above:

img 8231

Yes, that’s a watermelon outfit. Matching top, shorts and socks (which you can’t see, but I promise are there ?). It’s my fave outfit and I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever about wearing it out in public ??‍♀️?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that my glasses disappeared from my daily photos about halfway through the month – that’s about the time I started cycling and wearing contact lenses. I wear my cycling sunglasses for the commute, which obvs means that I can’t wear my glasses too – I did start out taking my glasses to work and swapping them for the contacts when I arrived, but that very quickly became an almighty faff. Plus, it made sense that if I had contacts on me I should really wear them to my gym classes at lunch too, rather than just going without my glasses and seeing the instructor as a bit of a blur. So now I just wear contacts all day for work, and I can actually see what I’m doing in the gym at lunch as well ?? It’s much more practical, but I do very much feel that my face looks naked without glasses ?

Now that I’m cycling 80 miles a week, expect to see a leaner version of me modelling my makes by the end of the year ??

In other sewing-related news, I picked up a couple of patterns in the Indiesew 20% off sale – the Geodesic sweater by Blueprints for Sewing (you know there’s gonna be some loud colours happening with this one), and the Neptune Tee by See Kate Sew. I figured that I should probably get some new Tee patterns to add to my arsenal other than the Scout Tee, as I seem to wear them all the time ?

Screenshot 2019 06 01 at 13.20.34

Screenshot 2019 06 01 at 13.21.46

I’ve just recently finished my first pair of Megan Nielsen Dawn jeans, and I’m pretty excited that other than a few fit tweaks, they look great! The perfect high-waisted Mom jean style that I was looking for. I just need to find denim in colours other than blue or black – which is easier said than done… come on manufacturers, not everyone likes the same old stuff ?? I’ve kind of got my eye on the Dogwood Denim from Spoonflower, but it’s quite spendy and I’m not sure I want to drop that kind of money on something that could be rubbish. Any of you guys used that fabric? Got any thoughts on it?

I’m all ears for your t-shirt pattern recommendations too, and to hear how your Me Made May went! ??

Next week on the blog is THAT Kielo dress which appeared in so many of my Me Made May photos ? (Because let’s be real, it’s been a while since we had a New Kielo On The Block). Subscribe below to have it drop straight into your inbox! ??


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    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:33 pm

      It really is SO difficult! There’s so many blues, but pretty much no pinks, purples, or reds. There’s a lot of lighter, ‘chambray’ type denim, but no actual proper denim. It’s really frustrating! ?

  1. June 2, 2019 / 8:10 am

    That’s a nice overview! Your me-mades are fab and it’s good to see you don’t beat yourself up when you wear only RTW ?
    I took part in Me made May for the first time too and I am still undecided whether I will learn a lot from this.
    (Oh and the marriage-baby-mortage thing… I feel you on that one ?)

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:36 pm

      Ah thanks Lise! Glad you enjoyed the overview ? I totally don’t mind wearing store bought clothing, sewing will always be a journey and there’s so many things I haven’t attempted to make yet. I think I’m at the point where I wouldn’t buy a winter coat anymore (I’m pretty confident at coat-making now, plus I have made LOADS already ?) but there’s still many things I would buy. I’m happy I took part in Me Made May (it was a bit of an effort to remember to take the photos everyday, tho…) but I’m guessing it will only be beneficial for a few years, until I’ve found my vibe. Unless my vibe changes of course! ??‍♀️ And then I’ll start all over again ?

  2. June 2, 2019 / 8:42 am

    Hi! Lovely outfits and all your kielos are goals ? I made the Rowan and love it. But Rebecca Page has a new (free) pattern for a lose tee that might be what you’re looking for. It’s called the Toronto tee and I’ll make one today

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:38 pm

      Ahh thanks Andreia! ? I do love my Kielos ?? I’m pretty excited to make the Rowan, actually! I really like the look of the high collar/long sleeved one for winter too – I wear a lot of that style but all the ones I have are store bought and I always moan that they don’t sell them in cool patterns or colours! Now I can make my own ?? Thanks, I just downloaded the Toronto Tee – I’ll give that one a try! ?

  3. Kathie
    June 2, 2019 / 9:41 am

    Love your blogs – they are so down to earth and funny! Loved your take on MMM. I’m similar…love comfy clothes and don’t really do much that requires ‘smart’. No ideas re the coloured denim…been stalking a few places myself – Sherwoods being my current fave. Stretch (gotta have some comfort) plus colour denim doesn’t seem to be a popular combo.

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:41 pm

      Ahh thanks Kathie! ? So glad you enjoy the blog! I always try to bring realness to everything I do, and I basically live with #NoFilter – sometimes it gets me in trouble but at least you always know where you stand with me ? Ooh I don’t think I’ve checked out Sherwoods – I’ll take a look! I just don’t understand why the fabric manufacturers think that nobody wants a patterned pair of jeans ??‍♀️??

  4. Sam
    June 2, 2019 / 9:41 am

    A great & thoughtful round up, I intend to do mine but we will see, I’m trying finish my Jasika jacket first. I called into Bobbins & Bolts yesterday, she had a lovely red & a mustard denim in, quite thick & no stretch though, not sure if the Morgans need stretch – it looks as though she sells in increments of a metre too so you don’t need to over buy which bugs me. I love the Neptune Tee, not seen that before, so will have to look it up. I can recommend the Stellan Tee from French navy patterns, it’s a loose fit with a nice detail of a back neck reinforcement which you see on RTW, takes less than a metre of fabric & best of all it’s free!

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:45 pm

      Thanks Sam! So glad you enjoyed the blog ? What did you take away from Me Made May? Hopefully something useful ??
      Ahh that denim I think is an Art Gallery one – Minerva Crafts have it too (unless its a reallllllllly similar fabric!) I really want hot pink leopard print, but it seems the only place I’m gonna get that is Spoonflower so I might just have to suck it up and place an order ?
      Ooh I was looking for a pattern that had the back neck strip-thing – thank you! I’m off to get that pattern now!! ????

  5. June 2, 2019 / 9:44 am

    That Geodesic sweater patten is on my to-do list too! I’ve seen some cool ones on Instagram, and it seems like a nifty way to use up scraps!

    For T-shirt patterns, have you looked at Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top? It’s like my go-to pattern, and I alter the sleeve length depending on what I fancy. (Also has the nice bonus of being sewn so many times now that it only takes a couple of hours to whip one up ?)

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:49 pm

      Hey Millie!
      That Geodesic sweater is soooo cool isn’t it! I literally have zero sweatshirt-weight scraps, so I’ll be buying shiny new fabrics for mine ??? I need to decide on a colour scheme first though (I mean obvs pink, but I need some stuff to go with it too ?)
      I have looked at the Agnes, but those ruffle sleeves make me want to vomit just looking at them (TOTALLY not my thang) and the little rouching at the cleavage is awful too ?? I’m not really a fan of Tilly’s patterns… and I think the sickly-sweet packaging puts me off a bit ????‍♀️

  6. Miriana
    June 2, 2019 / 12:17 pm

    I’ve just started cycling and I thought it would be cars I had to watch out for. Nope, it’s pedestrians. If people can’t hear a car coming, they don’t look. Idiots.

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:51 pm

      THIS. 100% THIS. People look with their ears nowadays it seems ? But you know what the best way to teach them to look is? Smack your bike wheel into their shin ? They’ll look next time I promise… ?

  7. June 2, 2019 / 1:33 pm

    If you’re looking for a great knit t-shirt pattern, Stylearc’s Alannah is one you might want to try. It’s a quick, easy sew and fits well. Bonus is that it’s not too tight in the tummy area. I’ve made at least ten of these t-shirts in the past few years.

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:52 pm

      Ooh, thank you Helene! I am going to check this one out now!I prefer looser fit T-shirts. Thanks for the tip ??

  8. June 2, 2019 / 2:06 pm

    Hey June’s Raglan Tee is my favourite for similar reasons – not too tight or too loose – perfect for me 🙂 Congratulations on your new bike and plans for your summer commute! I love cycling. In 2012 we bought 2 electric bikes which we loved so much we ramped to a super fancy pair last year. Your cycling outfit is gorgeous 😉

    • Sarah
      June 8, 2019 / 8:55 pm

      Thanks Kathleen – I’m gonna go check out the raglan tee! I don’t want a bin liner but equally I don’t want a bodysuit – so somewhere halfway sounds perfect ?? I always get super jealous when people on electric bikes overtake me going up the hills ? I’d love to try one, just to see how different they are!
      I really do enjoy cycling, even though London roads are busy. I work the same side of the river now, but I used to have to cross Tower Bridge and the view across the city was fantastic. In the winter, when it was cold and dark, seeing the skyline lit up was always the highlight of the trip??
      That melon outfit is my absolute fave… I got it a few years ago, you can’t buy it anymore so if it gets a hole or tear in it I’m gonna cry ??

  9. June 2, 2019 / 3:40 pm

    Style Arc have lots of nice T shirts. BEWARE the geodesic unless making the smallest sizes [check out my blog if you didn’t before for my review]. I preferred the Alabama Chanin Fractal for scrap busting…

    • Sarah
      June 18, 2019 / 7:24 pm

      Ah yes I remember your post on that Geodesic! Am off to bookmark it now so that it doesn’t all go to pot? I’ll check out Style Arc’s T-shirt’s too… thanks! Might check out all their other patterns at the same time too because I’ve never actually made any of theirs ?

  10. Bren Holmes
    June 2, 2019 / 9:16 pm

    An interesting read. I think you are exceedingly brave, cycling in the city. I used to cycle to work, 19 miles each way, in the better weather, but it was problematic as there were no showers there; I could only change, so had to remain feeling like a sweaty mess all day. After I retired and we moved to rural France, I got knocked off by a lorry, which put an end to my cycling. I ought to give it another go, really, as I did enjoy cycling. Driving a sewing machine is so much easier, though, lolz

    • Sarah
      June 18, 2019 / 7:28 pm

      Oh wow Bren – 19 miles each way?! ??? The most I’ve done is 13 miles each way, 19 would be EPIC. I find that wet wipes work well for when there’s no showers – I’ve had to do that at a few jobs. I’m lucky that where I am now there’s a pretty good cycle rack/shower set up, we even have a ‘drying room’ that’s heated where you can hang up wet kit. Very handy if you get soaked on your way to work! So sorry to hear about your incident with a lorry – that’s usually how the accidents happen in London I think. Lorries, or taxis in a hurry. It’s actually easier cycling in the city I think because there’s SO many cyclists – it’s kind of safety in numbers. At some points I can easily count twenty cyclists in front of me. Like you I really enjoy cycling, and getting back on my bike has been awesome! (Mostly, lol)

  11. Nancy
    June 4, 2019 / 1:10 am

    Fellow bike commuter here. Nothing like a brush with death to make you feel more alive! There are a couple of good tee shirt patterns available for free to download. Grain line Hemlock is a tried and true for me. It is one size, but it fits me pretty well. My hips are currently 40 inches for reference. Secondo Piano has a loose fitting tee with multiple sizes. I find the neck band to be a little short on that one.

    • Sarah
      June 18, 2019 / 7:31 pm

      Ahh yay for cycle commuting! And YES, there’s nothing like realising you might die if you zone out to keep you alert ? Someone asked me the other day if I listened to music while I cycled and I was like NO ???? I explained that you need your eyes, ears AND all of your senses (including spidey sixth sense) to get yourself to work in one piece ? Ooh you have the same hips as me, so I’ll give the Hemlock a try – thanks! I didn’t like their Archer shirt so maybe the Hemlock is their chance at redemption! I’ve seen the Secondo Piano one, good to know that the neckband is short – I hate necks that feel like they are strangling me!! Thanks for the tip ?

  12. June 9, 2019 / 7:34 am

    Lol, I don’t do them with ruffles or ruching. Gross gross. They’re just a plain top for me! Here’s the last one I made, which is long sleeved:

    I tried to find photos of a short sleeved one for you but I made that a few years ago and Twitter search is not user friendly!!

    I’m sure I should add some wisdom about not judging a pattern by its cover, but I do that too ? I do find them to be really good patterns though. Simple and quick, with good instructions.

    • Sarah
      June 18, 2019 / 7:34 pm

      Ooh! ? Okay, that top looks pretty nice… you might (MIGHT) have swayed me ??? Love the fabric you chose for yours! I made the Rowan tee – there will be a full low down on ze blog in due course but long story short: don’t like the fit and the neckline is tres choke-y ???

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Rainbow Cat book sleeve
Leopard book sleeve
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