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This weeks post is a little different from the norm.

200w 5

You might remember me saying a while back that I wanted to break away from the one-project-every week theme to the blog. After all, that’s not really sustainable on lots of levels – not just with the actual sewing time, but also in the ever-growing-wardrobe sense.

I know a lot of bloggers do a ‘monthly roundup’, but I’m gonna break the mould and do a quarterly one ??‍♀️ It’ll be a chance to reflect and evaluate the makes from the past three months, talk about anything new that I’ve discovered (pattern companies, tools, fabric shops and the like) and think about plans for the coming season. This will also take the focus off finished makes, and shift a little bit of the spotlight to the wider world of what it means to have sewing as a hobby. Because we all know that the finished garment is just the tip of the iceberg, amirite? (My 4000+ word post the other week about one coat just goes to prove that! ?) There’s a whole lot of stuff that happens outside of the actual finished garment.

So without further ado, let’s start! ?

What hit the blog in the last three months?

NapKitten Bifold Wallet in Tula Punk fabric

NapKitten BiFold Wallet 2762

This little guy – although pretty to look at – doesn’t really work for me in everyday use (for many reasons that you can check out in the post). I’ve already got a couple of other patterns lined up to try, including the Thread Theory wallet which I might make out of washable paper (thanks SewAndrew for the tip!), so hopefully one of those will work out better for me.

DP Studio Le 809 Coat

NYC Le 809 Coat 0325


*(despite the hideous instructions and all the things that went wrong with it ?)

I’d love to make another for next winter! It’s so snuggly and warm, and a proper statement coat.

And you KNOW I love to make a statement ?

Read all about it here.

Deer and Doe Agave Skirt

Deer and Doe Agave Skirt in Alexander Henry Las Elegantes fabric 4061

I was asked by Deer and Doe if I wanted to make one of the patterns from their new collection for the launch date – obvs I said yes, and it was on the blog last week in case you missed it!

I made mine in a slightly longer length, because the pattern as written was just a tad short for my liking. I’m getting sensible in my old age, you know ??‍♀️?

Kwik Sew Apron in Cotton and Steel canvas

Kwik Sew K3247 Apron in Cotton and Steel Canvas 2692

This was a Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make, and was born out of necessity because I was fed up of the frying pan spitting fat at me. I mean sure, I may participate in Sweatpants Sunday, but dirty fat-stained sweatpants is a whole other level of skanky. I have some class, y’know ?

Pleased to report that the apron has indeed taken many bullets of fat-spit from the oven. Let’s give the little guy a medal. Check him out here.

Kindred Hats in Malabrigo yarn

Kindred Hat 1725

These pretty much got worn all winter, both mine and the husbeasts, even though I wasn’t completely taken with my colour combination. I’ll probably make another one for me in a different colour combo ready for next winter. These ones have got pretty fuzzy with use, so I might try a different yarn for the next ones too ? I do have a sweater shaver, so I can give ’em a good going over with that, but there’s only so times you can do that before they start to go a bit patchy and threadbare ??‍♀️ The gloves (which will be hitting the blog in a couple o’ weeks) are in a worse state ?

Deets on both the hats can be found here.

Alexander Henry Folkwear Patterns Frontier Shirt

NYC Folkwear Frontier Shirt 9392

This one was a hit with the husbeast, and pretty much everyone that laid eyes on it. He loves this shirt (obvs, because it’s awesome) but also he’s found he likes the fit much better than the Vogue shirts I’ve been making him to date. So you know what that means – yep, more shirts are in the making. The first one has already been cut – I bought some Versace cotton from Darrell Thomas Textiles in Canada that the husbeast saw on Instagram and liked, and shiny-shiny gold buttons have already been purchased. The fabric is cut out and ready to go, so I’m hoping that I can get that together pretty quickly. If it’s successful, I’ve got some Liberty silk satin to make another shirt for him with, but I was waiting to find the right pattern – the Vogue one is in too many pieces (especially on the back – four pieces just for that! ?) and I wanted something with as few seams as possible to avoid breaking up the pattern – the Frontier shirt could be THE ONE.

The Handsome Husbeast can be ogled (and so can the shirt) here.

Leopard Print Deer and Doe Opium Coat

Deer and Doe Opium Coat by Wanderstitch 2372

This one gets worn A LOT. Love the fabric – despite my reservations about it being brown – and the hot pink lining is just ??? It’s super thick and warm, perfect for those days when it feels like Antarctica outside ?

If ya missed it, you can check it out here.

Knitcrate subscription box

img 2772

Nope, still not started on the socks ????‍♀️

Let’s move on from that ?

Burda Fur Bomber Jacket

Minerva Burda 6359 grey fur jacket 2498

This one still needs the lining attached to the sleeve cuff – yep, we took the photos before I’d actually finished doing that, and it’s been draped over the dress form ever since ? Not sure how often this one is gonna get worn, because it’s a tad impractical – if it’s cold enough for a fur coat, it’s cold enough for a full length one, amirite? But still, it was fun to make, and it looks pretty damn cool on the husbeast.

Take yourself back to the 70’s glam days here.

By Hand London Victoria Blazer

NYC Red Leopard By Hand London Victoria Blazer 1085

This one was a total shambles. The lining didn’t fit the shell properly, and pulled the back up all weird. I should have remembered my mantra of DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING WITH THREE QUARTER SLEEVES (because, annoying) as well. Love the fabric, love the idea of the matchy-matchy suit, don’t love the finished make. It was donated to begin a new life somewhere else. I still have the skirt though and once I shift a few pounds and can get my waist back in it I’ll wear it again ❤️

At least I managed to get some pictures of it in a pretty cool NYC location?Full post here!

Noodlehead Makers Tote

YES. Big fat yes. I really enjoyed making this, and the finished item is in constant use (currently holding knitting stuff). All the juicy details can be found here.

I’m already on to making another one with some Tula Pink fabric, and there’s also one in the works for the husbeast to store some of his crafty bits in. His will be made from Alexander Henry Heart of Darkness fabric – the same fabric that this dress is made from:

Deer and Doe Bleuet Dress Alexander Henry Heart of Darkness Fabric

It’s gonna look tres cool.

Lily Sage & Co Wonderland skirt

Lily Sage Wonderland Skirt Final 0929

This was a test-the-waters make, which turned out well (read here). I will definitely make another one, but not in a wool suiting – it just felt a little bit corporate for me. I’m thinking corduory will be a good choice, and I probably won’t bother lining it like I did for this one. This skirt was donated to a new home, because although the style was good, the fabric/colour didn’t quite light my fire. Note to self – stay away from wool suiting.

What do I currently have in the works?

By Annie Case In Point knitting needle case

productimage picture case point 2092


I have just recently discovered By Annie patterns, and this has been my downfall. Along with the Case In Point pattern, I also bought the Take A Stand Tote pattern, to try it out as an alternative to the Makers Tote you saw above. These totes are totes useful, guys. I made my first one as a Minerva Blogger Network project, just to get the hang of things (because I’d never made anything like that before), and now I think I might be hooked ?

A couple more pairs of Comox Trunks

img 3043

I’m also making the husbeast a couple more pairs of the Comox Trunks – he wanted some fit adjustments to the last pair I made, so these are the trial run. I’m slowly learning how to use the coverstitch machine I bought last year (I will do a post about the new machine I promise – because I bought a new overlocker as well and want to tell you about that too!) and it definitely makes a difference to the finish, but my word it’s a learning curve ?

Republique Du Chiffon Hedwige shirt

hedwige shirt 2

This pattern is one of my 2019 Make Nine, in The Quest For The Perfect Shirt. Spoiler – I’m still questing.

This shirt is 90% done, but I’ve already tried it on and I know it’s not great. It’s that old chestnut of the armholes being about twice the size they need to be so it goes all weird when I lift my arms. I just need to muster up the will to spend time adding on the buttons so that I can photograph it and moan about it.

Vintage Kwik Sew Fur coat

img 5386

After the roaring success that was the Husbeast’s Pimp Coat, I wanted one of my own. The fur shell is pretty much assembled apart from the sleeves, as is the lining. I’m not sure whether it’s too warm now to wear it (although it’s pretty nippy out there today), but I’ll finish it off so that when the winter does roll around again, I’ma??Be??Ready??For??It??

The only downside to this coat is that it makes my living room floor look like this:

img 5408

Plans for Summer Makes?

Kielo dresses (OBVS)

I *NEED* to make more Kielo dresses.I can’t get enough of ’em. I’ll be making one from some pineapple print fabric I got last year, plus another using the pink leopard print fabric I picked up from Mood in NYC last October. Oh and there’s also that other fabric I bought with a Kielo in mind, and some heavier knit fabric that I might make a long sleeved one from too… ???‍♀️?

Seamwork Catarina Dress

Seamwork Catarina dress in aztec print viscose challis

My Catarina dress that I made last year as a ‘test run’ from an £8 viscose remnant turned out to be my favourite one of them all – the later ones that I made from different fabrics (and in some case, much more expensive fabrics) don’t get worn because they just don’t sit right on my hips. They’re not drapey enough for me to carry them off. I’m thinking that I might seek out some more viscose and make a couple more dresses because they are so easy to throw on when it’s super hot and I really can’t be arsed to get dressed, but have to.

Scout Tee

I could literally live in these all summer. They fit me really well, they take less than a metre of 60inch wide fabric, and they are quick to make. What more could I want?!

I’ve got one cut from the leftovers of that wonderful mushroom fabric you might have seen on my Instagram feed, and also one cut out of jersey to see how that works out. The pattern isn’t written for knit fabrics, but I’ve seen online that some people have successfully made it work, so I’m giving it a go with some leftovers from another project. If it turns out alright, I might look to buy some jersey and get some made because T-shirt’s are the one RTW thing I continue to buy.

What else has been happening?

We left the city for some fresh air

We spent a week in Surrey in March, with the dogs, in a nice little lodge. Since moving to London, I haven’t really spent any time in the countryside, and it was really nice to escape the city. Sure, we went on holiday last year, but that was to New York – which basically meant we left one city and travelled to another (which was possibly more busy than the one we left). We haven’t really had any down time for a long while. The Christmas break was busy with Etsy orders, and then I got sick with a cold, so didn’t really feel like I’d had a ‘break’. This week in Surrey was a true break – long dog walks and then lots of relaxing in sweatpants watching Jeremy Kyle while eating Haribo. Unfortunalty the amount of dog walking wasn’t enough to counteract the calories consumed, and weight gain happened. Sad face.

Knitting and Stitching Show

img 5993

I went to the Spring Knitting and Stitching show for the first time in a couple of years – read all about my trip here!

In a nutshell – it was okay, and I came away with a small number of purchases, so it wasn’t a totally wasted day.

Knitting blocking

Despite having been a knitter for a number of years, I’ve never actually blocked anything. Yah, I know – shock horror. The one thing I did block was a baby blanket I made for a friend, but I blocked the individual squares before sewing them together by pinning them out on the ironing board to the correct size ? I’ve recently finished knitting a scarf for the husbeast, which fo sho needs blocking because it looks a bit crap straight off the needles (?) and it clearly can’t be blocked on the ironing board because it’s way too big. So, I put my big girl pants on and bought some blocking pin things off Amazon, and some child’s foam play board squares to push the pins into.

I laid it out in the back garden on a really sunny day (hello washing line shadow), and even then it still wasn’t dry by the end of the day. Probably thinking that I should have got more water out of it before pinning it onto the boards – oh well, I’ll know for next time I guess!

img 7135 1

Is Patternsy no more?

Those of you that get your pdf patterns printed out on larger paper (rather than suffering the hell that is cutting and sticking A4 pages) might be familiar with the company Patternsy. I’ve used them for all my printing, and have been extremely happy with their prices and service – I used them just a couple of weeks ago to get the Deer and Doe Agave skirt printed. Shortly after that, I received an email that they’d sent out to all their customers, explaining that they’d had a considerable influx of orders due to a high-profile mention on instagram:

img 7563

It’s always great to see a little independent business do well – even if it’s a little *too* well – so I hoped they could find their way again.

Then, last week as I was putting the finishing touches to my Agave skirt post, I began to explain that I got my pattern printed through Patternsy, and headed to their website to grab the link to share with all you lovely people.

I was greeted with this announcement on their homepage:

Screenshot 2019 04 11 at 21.12.11

Hmm. Turns out that the surge in orders perhaps wasn’t such a good thing after all, because they’ve had to stop taking orders from new customers. I really hope they can find a way to ride with the growth that has come their way, because they were such a fabulous company that I’ve used many times. I’m sending productive thoughts their way ?

The world is a’ changin

Since discovering that Vogue Knitting magazine actually IS sold in the UK (but under a different name – Designer Knitting – and with a different cover to the publication in the USA ??‍♀️) I’ve indulged in buying a copy each time one’s released. Actually that’s misleading, I myself don’t actually buy it, the Handsome Husbeast gets sent to the WHSmith in St Pancras station around the publication date to see if they have it yet. The release dates in the UK appear to be a bit vague and changeable, so he’s often backwards and forwards to that shop for a couple of weeks before managing to snaffle a copy, but he always manages to get it for me ?

On reading the latest copy, there was an interesting note around the price of the magazine:

img 7693

Working in finance, and also in advertising, this was very thought-provoking for me. Traditional advertising methods have changed significantly since the rise of technology – TV adverts are pretty much out the window since people watch catch-up TV and Netflix, leaflets through the mail get chucked in the bin. Radio ads are just as redundant, because most people listen to Spotify or Apple Music. Everything is on demand nowadays – people no longer have the time or inclination to listen to/watch/read something that wasn’t what they originally wanted. It’s tough times for advertising these days.

Reading the note in the magazine about the indie dyers and smaller businesses got me thinking – and it’s totally true. There are more and more small businesses popping up nowadays, who don’t have a massive budget to spend on advertising. You can promote yourself out there on social media for (mostly) free, so what’s the point in paying to advertise in a magazine with limited reach?

Then it got me pondering the future of print magazines – will they survive? People live on their devices nowadays – why would they waste paper buying a print copy of a magazine, which they’ve got to carry around with them if they want to read it (and then store it/throw it away), when they could have a digital copy available 24/7 on their phone/laptop/iPad that they can access at any time and don’t have to find space in their house to store?

Should I get a digital copy of the magazine instead? I can see that it has a lot of benefit (including the husband not wasting time going backwards and forwards to the shop to see if it’s in stock yet ?). If I want to knit a pattern I can just print out the page(s) that I need. All my past issues are stored in the same place if I need them, without taking up any physical space. No trees were harmed in the production of this digital magazine.

In a world that is going increasingly digital, perhaps this is the next logical step – but books (and magazines, maybe) is one thing I can’t let go of. I have no CD’s or DVD’s anymore, but books on a screen just don’t float my boat. I like an old-skool, printed paper book. And in the same way that people love smelling babies (which I totes don’t understand), I love smelling old books. Maybe if I switch and buy the digital magazines, I can keep buying the traditional books – that’s a fair trade, right?

giphy 168

Me Made May

img 7564

So next month – unsurprisingly, being May – is Me Made May. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it was a challenge started by Zoe from ‘So Zo, What Do You Know?, in order to culture a better relationship with your handmade clothes. A challenge with whatever specifics you like, that can be tailored to your individual situation – to wear 100% me-made things every day, to wear one handmade thing a day, or maybe one completely handmade outfit per week. Whatever you like.

This will be the first year that I’ll participate in the challenge. The first May that rolled around after I started sewing clothes, I hadn’t heard of Me Made May so was completely oblivious to its existence. The second May that came around, I’d not made many garments at all – maybe fifteen at a push – and definitely nothing that could be considered ‘daily wear’. (Mostly Alexander Henry dresses, which I’m SO looking forward to making again this summer!) So again, I didn’t take part, but this time I watched on Instagram from the sidelines to see what it was all about.

This year, I think I’ve got a good few handmade garments that actually get worn on a regular basis so I could make a stab at participating. I’m not going to set any challenges, as such – but in true nerdy finance fashion I’m going to do a little analysis of how many handmade things get worn vs how many store-bought things. No pressure, I just wanna see which garments I’m reaching for most often. It will help me identify where the gaps are and where I should maybe concentrate my making efforts over the coming year. I already know in my head where there’s a few gaps, but it’s fragmented information which – to be honest – I often forget. To have it written down, and laid out, will probably help steer me onto the right path.

I’m gonna include the husbeast in this too, but his wears will be almost 100% shirts and there’s not that many of them. (Excited to see him bust out this dino-shirt again this year! ??)

DSC 7765 1440x2043

There’s a glaring gap in the form of loungewear in my handmade wardrobe – I’m gonna be honest here and say that at the weekend, Sweatpants Sunday happens in my house. Sweatpants Saturday, too, if we’re not going out anywhere. Since I have no handmade sweatpants, T-shirt’s or hoodies, there will be no me-mades worn at the weekend (unless the husbeast wears his Thread Theory Comox Trunks). So I’m only going to be documenting Monday-Friday for this.

I’ll report back in June with my findings ?

What’s going on in your little corner of the sewing world? Let me know! ??

I hope you enjoyed this little change in the norm – enjoy what’s left of your weekend! ??


Next week on the blog is my first pair of hand-knitted gloves – the matching ‘Kindreds Mitts’ to our Kindred Hats that hit the blog last month!

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  1. Bren Holmes
    April 14, 2019 / 9:29 am

    I did have a look at the Patternsy website after reading your blog last week, as I have a couple of new patterns to print. I use Netprinter: https://www.netprinter.co.uk/sewing-pattern-printing/. I guess I’ll continue with them, as their service has been excellent.
    I enjoyed your roundup blog and found your comments on advertising and print copy prices interesting. I balk at the price of most magazines, so no longer buy them but, like you, I don’t enjoy reading on screen, apart from my Kindle, which I have become used to and love for convenience. Print books are just so much better in reality and I have soooo many.
    I need to get into my summer wardrobe sewing, which has been on the back burner for some months, despite having everything lined up ready to go. I am currently looking for a good, easy to wear, sundress pattern, as my old ones are fit for the rag bag.
    I am into quilting atm, although I wouldn’t describe myself as a quilter. I’m taking an online ruler quilting course (looks so easy!), and also doing a machine embroidered mystery quilt. There’s only so much sewing time available, sadly. I want to get back to some mixed media, too. You know, with fabric paint, printing, foiling, burning, etc, plus stitch. I’ve missed it recently. What with that lot and practicing for my grade 7 piano exam, there’s not much time left for housework, lol.

    • Sarah
      April 29, 2019 / 4:55 pm

      Hi Bren! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog ? I’ve seen a few people that use Netprinter, but the one time I tried to use them I found their ordering process confusing ??‍♀️ but if you’re having good service from them, long may it continue!
      Print books are just THE BEST, aren’t they?! We bought a kindle to use as a prop in photos for the Etsy shop (we’re gonna sell kindle sleeves) and looking at a novel on screen I just could not adjust to it. It comes with time, I guess.
      I know what you mean about ‘too many hobbies, too little time’!! Ah, you’re doing your grade 7? That’s fab! I prepped for my grade 8 many years ago, but never got round to taking the exam. My piano still side-eyes me in the living room, and one day I’ll find a few minutes to play it again. I miss it.
      Housework… peh ? bottom of my priorities list ??? sewing first! ??

  2. Alt
    April 14, 2019 / 9:41 am

    It was a nice post ! I like when you describe if the garnement / project finally make it in your wardrobe. I am very interesting by the needle case. I actually store my needles, crochets and accessories in small bags but it would be nice to have a dedicated case.

    For the wonderland skirt, did you check the burda pattern 09/2015 102 (https://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/mini-flounce-skirt-092015) and 09/2014 104 (https://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/flounce-mini-skirt-092014) ? I think you can mix one of them with the wonderland pattern and improve the fit over the hips and waist. The only difference between the two patterns is the position of the zip (on the side or on the back). The front yoke + size panel are constructed from the same big piece of fabric, which is great for adjustments and pattern alignment.

    • Sarah
      April 29, 2019 / 4:58 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! ? As for the needles case, mine are stored in a horrible clear plastic pouch thing… this bag will be a HUGE improvement!
      Ooh, thank you for the Burda pattern links – they are very similar! I will give these a try I think. I don’t very often look on the Burda website at their patterns… I’m not sure why as they do have some really nice patterns!

  3. Shari
    April 14, 2019 / 1:11 pm

    What a great read. Love your honest reflections

    • Sarah
      April 29, 2019 / 4:59 pm

      Thanks Shari! ? I see too many sewing blogs that are too much about parading the finished garment, and not enough about the actual sewing process or whether the thing gets worn ??‍♀️ The whole life cycle of the garment is part of the process, so I wanted to highlight a wider part of it!

  4. Cindy
    April 14, 2019 / 1:50 pm

    Hi my loves, you havnt said how the business is going now you have a dedicated Fridays to it, I hope is grand. Let us know, I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing you 100% success with it.
    I’m making a first for me, simplicity 2274 overnight bag, sadly my daughter 26 has spinal cancer and spending a time in neurosurgery, so I’m sending her off with a mum made bag and mum made pjs, I’d love to make a dressing gown too, but she wont be walking for some time to come, so maybe when things get along the way a bit. I have to keep busy to stop the panic setting in more than it has already. But at least I will be with her all day , even if the hospital send me home as she will be wearing me. This blxxdy bag is a nightmare, its quilted, a 1st and it’s so bulky too and so big , she could take the kitchen sink in it… but it’s made with so much love I hope no one notices the non matching stripes, as she a no flowery fabrics here mum girl. Her pjs are Slooths, Giraffes and elephants, I told her she may get mixed up with the kids ward in surgery…

    Anyway enough about me, take care of you both and your 4 legs and sew lots I love seeing the end results.
    Cindy x

    • Sarah
      April 29, 2019 / 5:04 pm

      Hey Cindy! Ah, know I haven’t updated you all on the shop have I… I will – next week! Scouts honour ?
      Ooh bag making hey – how did it turn out? I bet your daughter loves it, and animal PJs too – fabulous! I hope she is doing well. Sounds like she has good tastes with the ‘no florals’, that’s my motto too ? No one is going to notice the stripes, don’t you worry ??
      Look after yourself and all the two-legs and four-legs around you ☺️☺️☺️

  5. Pence
    April 15, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    I briefly tried a knitting mag subscription on my Kindle Fire. Patterns were WAY too small on the screen to be of any use.

    • Sarah
      April 29, 2019 / 5:05 pm

      Ah, yes I can imagine ? And I guess they can’t be viewed on anything other than a Kindle? There’s me thinking I’ll get a digital subscription and print the patterns out but I’m not even sure that’s possible ???‍♀️

  6. April 26, 2019 / 9:43 am

    Hello! One of your other commenters said this too, but you haven’t said how the Friday side business is going!

    On to sewing, I just wondered, have you looked at the Jasika Blazer pattern from Closet Case patterns at all? So many sewists have been doing it on Instagram and I noticed you’ve made a blazer already this year. I must admit I have got all my materials ready to go, it’s just finding the space to cut out all the pattern pieces ? I’d be interested in your thoughts anyhoo. You are to blame for me even venturing into coat/blazer sewing, so I like your opinion!!

    With regards to your never-ending shirt fitting saga (I totes sympathise!), are you doing any pattern altering before making? I’ve noticed (especially with all the Jasika chatter!) that some sewists seem to have standard alterations they make to all patterns to get the fit right. I constantly have a bicep fit issue (which makes me sound like body builder or indeed someone with any level of fitness, which I’m not, I just have normal non-twig arms?? ?). I have been trying to alter on a case by case basis, but am thinking I just need to make a note of a standard adjustment to make to all patterns as I cut them. After all, no one really has a body exactly like a sewing pattern (she says, fervently believing this is true…)

    Since I can’t finish this comment without remarking on this, because you have strayed into my professional territory and I HAVE THOUGHTS, I wouldn’t give up on paper magazines just for eco concerns. The internet as a whole has more carbon emissions than the entire aviation industry, and it’s (at present) an incredibly unsustainable way of storing data. Saving things on a server which you want to access at any moment (true of nearly all streaming, unless you download and save to your native hard-drive) is hugely energy demanding. Paper magazines (and books) in contrast only have energy use at point of manufacture (maybe a little if you recycle afterwards, but hopefully most books are sold rather than binned). Most print media is produced on FSC certified paper, so there’s no net loss of trees. Plus, it’s always worth remembering that those trees are being managed as a crop: if there’s no market for them they’re going to get replaced with something else more profitable, and then those forests won’t be there at all. Better to have a sustainable and thriving forestry sector than a biofuel crop, I think ? I’m biased though because trees are great!

    Anyway, that’s it for my long comment on things you didn’t really ask about!!

    • Sarah
      May 1, 2019 / 5:23 pm

      Hellooooooo Millie! ?
      I’m gonna give a Friday-side-hustle update reeeeeeal soon I promise! ??
      I looked at the Jasika, but I felt it was a bit too ‘blazer-y’ for me. A bit too high-school uniform (or indeed work uniform). I made the Gerard by Republique Du Chiffon, which was a sort of blazer-slash-coat, and the Victoria blazer from By Hand London which was a more casual style. I might lurk the Jasika hashtag to see how others have worked it, but it’s not a pattern that’s calling out to me ??‍♀️ (yet ?)
      As for the shirts… I’ve not made any standard adjustments but the last few I’ve made, I’ve eyeballed the armscye and I can just tell it’s too big. Deer and Doe’s shirt patterns seem to be the only brand with a human-sized armpit ??‍♀️
      (And totally with you on the bicep thing, that’s the first place I notice my RTW shirts get tight!) (oh, that and the bust). I feel like any ‘standard’ adjustments I have to make will only apply to certain brands as each one uses a different block… I guess that’s the purpose of making a toile though?! Unless I make a bodice sloper and compare that to the printed patterns before I cut… ?
      Haha – I want to hear your thoughts on printed matter! That is an excellent point about the energy use only being st manufacture for magazines… I totally had NOT thought of that ??‍♀️ and yes, I’m all for the trees rather than palm oil or something similar ????? (was also going to use this emoji ? until I realised that it’s not a tree, but indeed a peacock ????)

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Halloween Cat Book Sleeve
Caticorn book sleeve
Stars Zip Pouch
Galaxy Cat Book sleeve
Asian Manga bag
Halloween Cat bag
Rainbow Cat book sleeve
Leopard book sleeve
Rainbow gem bag
Pink and metallic gold bag
Glow in the dark constellations bag
Halloween Cat Book Sleeve
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